True Blue Raider of my Stash

True Blue Raider of My StashMy journey into art quilting.

I made this quilt for the 2015 Australian Quilt Convention Challenge, “True Blue.” This is really just the second art quilt I have ever made and I was very proud when it became a finalist and was accepted into the traveling suitcase.

I have turned to art quilting of late because of time constraints when it comes to producing my own work. Art quilts are generally smaller in size meaning that these quilts can be quicker to produce. Although on saying that there is probably as may man hours in this quilt as a king size custom quilt. So maybe I was just more determined to complete this piece.

The piece combines many techniques including, hand dying, fussy cut raw edge applique, fabric painting and Inktense pencil work and many hours of intense free motion quilting. All the raw edge applique work and quilting was done on my Gammill  longarm and the quilt did not see any domestic machine work until it was ready for binding.

The quilt depicts a Satin Bower bird who is courting his female with a collection of stolen fabrics and blocks from my stash.

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  • Julie says:

    Hi, My name is Julie, I went to the Mount Waverley quilt show in Melbourne on Saturday
    I voted for the beautiful bower bird quilt , “True Blue”
    I was wondering if there will ever be a pattern available . I realise this is an art quilt but thought I would ask the question anyway.
    I must compliment you for your most beautiful design it certainly caused a stir on Saturday the birds are so lovely birds are my passion I am always looking for a project containing birds .
    Thank you once again for hanging your quilt at the show.
    Kind regards
    Julie Coulson Melbourne

    • Naomi says:

      HI Julie, Thank you for the lovely feedback for my True blue quilt. Birds are certainly a passion of mine also. I’m sorry to say that I wont be making a pattern for this quilt. The processes I used would make it very difficult to reproduce this quilt. The entire background piece of fabric was sun dyed and then hand painted and a lot of the appliquéd elements were created in a very intuitive fashion. Most of my work is done intuitively (by feel) and is a build-up of layers of different techniques. Although I don’t yet teach, it is something I might consider doing in the future. It’s just that at this point in time I am focused in other areas of my business, quilting and developing a focus for my art quilting. I have entered True Blue Raider of my Stash into Houston later this year and if my birds get in (that would be so exciting in itself) I hope they cause a stir there also.
      Keep on quilting Julie and if you get opportunities to do classes with some of the amazingly talented quilting artists we have to offer here, go ahead and do them. Soon enough you will develop your own techniques and you wont need a pattern at all.

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